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whats 1 way u would present ur clothing if u had a clothing line?

There are 2 steps to success:

1. Don’t share all your secrets.




this why they killed him

JFK will forever be one of the best presidents this nation ever had.

Only president eye ever fucked with. Hoping the history is accurate.

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Miss you! Let's take over the world as soon as I'm back in the big apple! Xoxo Bo

C’mon pinky…

Every night is an opportunity to conquer

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Yo bro I just want to know why you say Eye instead of I, meanwhile you say I've ... Confused. Love your stories but that whole "eye" irritates the fuck out of me

I’ve explained why EYE do this simple gesture probably 50 times on tumblr alone.

1. I’m not going to write “EYE’ve”.

2. Eye have reasons for spelling everything the way eye do. (beLIEve, B.I.B.L.E, D.I.E, YOUnity, YOUniverse, etc.)

Eye don’t do these things to please my followers, it’s simply my way of expressing & provoking thoughts in the minds of my peers


A savior on his worst behavior.






Please keep this circulating. Cops are getting more and more brazen, know your rights!

good to know

Reblogging every time this goes past

With how things are going this might not be as useful anymore


Both British and American courts had long ago confirmed the right under Common Law of a man to forcefully resist an unlawful arrest AND to resist such as arrest with all the violence needed (matching violence for violence) to secure his freedom – even to the extreme of killing the arresting officer. Four possible scenarios exist during an arrest:

1.) The arrest is lawful and no excessive force is used by the officer; (worst-case scenario for a defense)

2.) The arrest is lawful and excessive force is used by the officer.

3.) The arrest is unlawful and no excessive force is used by the officer

4.) The arrest is unlawful and excessive force is used by officer. (best-case scenario for a defense)

Get Up, Stand Up.
Stand up for your rights
Don’t give up the fight.



We are here to serve & protect

This fucking bullshit.

If the police are here to serve & protect, why is everyone afraid of them?



No one else finds this AT ALL disconcerting? Not even a little bit?

Here’s why there is no media coverage, folks: because the media literally can’t get in there.

No media coverage means no one witnesses genocide. It’s a county full of “minorities”, who are all being targeted in this case.

Martial Law? #Ferguson

Or is it all just propaganda. Something to promote violence and increase our inclinations to react violently. Rioting & reacting gives them the excuse to carry out what they’ve already been doing but with some type of legal justification. People can protest, take videos, blog & tweet about it but none of that will make it stop. We’re trying raise awareness by using means of communication that is allowed by the same people who employ & deploy these very same officers & soldiers. We’re trying to protest something in the same neighborhood where the trouble is happening where the media isn’t allowed. If the police are the ones threatening and killing you, who’s attention are protestors trying to catch to save them from demise?

You don’t look to your killer to save you from being killed!

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Eye wish eye could’ve watched two girls have sex for my 20th birthday. But what happened was fine.

I’m really yearning for a threesome.

If eye can’t get a threesome, eye at least want to see the queen I’m involved with be pleased by another woman. Just to watch someone eye have a connection with lose herself in someone else would elate & arouse me. If eye was granted the opportunity to join in & team up with the other woman to please my queen, that would be even better. But girls today are so insecure they can’t even fathom the idea of threesomes. Most can’t handle to see their man in another woman & they can’t trust that he won’t fuck with her again behind her back. There is barely any trust in our bonds/relationships. There is no love, therefore there is no freedom.

But to watch another woman make my queen scratch, moan, squirm, shake, cry & lose herself in the moment just like eye do, would be lovely. If eye don’t interact with the other girl, it’s fine, but then it’s only a threesome for her. Not for me or the other female involved.

But that would be cool too…

Just to eat & fuck my queen while the girl eats & fucks my queen. We both get to watch her body go ballistic.😩😍🙌

After she makes my queen wet for me, she can open her up as eye slide in. She can smack her ass, suck & lick her tits, bite her, kiss her, etc. My queen can eat her out while I’m fucking her so hard the vibrations from her screams & moans sends the other girl orgasm.

Then We can switch up.

I’ll lay back & make my queen throat my dick while she getting ate & lay kisses on her forehead whenever she gasps for air. I’ll hold her close to me & lick and bite all over her neck and shoulders while she strokes my dick. The other female simultaneously does the same on the other side. I’ll at least have the other girl hold my dick up so my queen can slowly sit down on it and bounce as her cum drips down & covers me. She can grind & slide on me & while I’m hitting her spots the other female can please her body with kisses and tongue up and down her spine or by leaving hickies on her neck or bite her shoulder and lick her lobes. She can leave her teeth mark in her ass. Eye can just sit back & watch them lose themselves. Then my queen can slowly come off my dick and let it hit my stomach so she can lick down my stomach & clean her cum off my dick & kiss the girl so she can taste her released essence. Eye wish they both would just enjoy sucking my dick & talk to each other about how much they want me to cum and eye can play with both of their pussy’s and taste them both but if eye can’t then whatever happens, happens.

Eye digress.

Eye just really want a threesome..

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