Anonymous asked:
what does art mean to you

Art is life.

Art is a way to make history, express yourself with no care for judgment or critique from anyone. The only opinion about your creations that matters is that artist’s. We have revolutionary art that has changed the culture of our world & we have the many other artists who haven’t had such a big impact and I’m eager to view and experience all the creations. Art also gives humans a break from “reality”, a very good way to release stress pertaining to particular subject that you can elaborate on through you art form. We can now share our art instantly via these social platform and show it to the world while in the comfort of our own studio/bedroom. Art pertains to so many different types of artistry as well, don’t limit the term to only painting, sketching & sculpting. We have music artists, visual artists, designers, directors, painters, etc.

Art allows the mentally troubled to free the mind & lay out their vulnerabilities; their past, their emotions, their love story, etc.

Art is life.

Check out some unique art by @rbatzz.


The Prxblem Child

Harlem, NY

Interview w/ WECRTIVE

p.H. Molly Rose


Sometimes we don’t get our way so sometimes we need to get away.

A way…


A savior on his worst behavior.

Anonymous asked:
what exactly is karma sutra as i remember u mentioned it a while back and are there any books or anything relating to it you would suggest?

Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian practice/concept/text which is supposed to be the primary Sanskrit on human sexuality. The text was written by Mallanaga Vatsyayana around the 2nd century (200 BCE - 200 CE). Kama Sutra is apparently one of the first systematic studies of human sexuality in world literature.

In the western world, Kama Sutra is perceived to be nothing more than a sex manual but really it’s more of a guide to a virtuous, gracious & spiritual lifestyle. The text focuses on the nature of love, family life & many other aspects of pleasure. It elaborates on the spiritual aspect of sex, as well as sexual prosperity & Tantra. Tantra can be practiced to celebrate the body, emotions & sexuality, thus integrating the spirit & the heart with love.

(Tantric meditation focused in the sacral chakra can also increase stamina, increase the production of sperm thus resulting in a larger ejaculation

Kama translates into “Desire; Sexual Desire”

Sutra translates into “a thread or line that holds things together”

The Book is “Kama Sutra” By Mallanaga Vastyayana but I’m pretty sure you can find newer books derived from his studies or with update concepts on Kama Sutra. I’m pretty sure you can find out about the history online but because the western world tends adopt other cultures & then alter them to make them appealing and lucrative, you may only find websites about the sex positions rather than the actual practice.

Eye studied it when eye was 14, because eye wanted to become exceptionally good at sex by the time eye became an adult. Being raised by a single mom also gave me insight on what women like and she taught me that SEX IS ABOUT PLEASING YOUR PARTNER and that it’s more than just a physical act, so eye hit the library and found out about the book and studied for almost a half of year and practiced Tantra and it worked. With me being an empathetic being & placing queens on such a high pedestal, eye strived to make sure eye constantly progressed sexually so eye can be the ultimate partner for my counterpart.

To master sex in all fields eye would recommend physical exercise, Tantric/Chakra/Kundalini meditation, & for you to study not only the Kama Sutra but The Science of Human Anatomy as well. These 3 acts will give you an advantage mentally, physically and spiritually.

Anonymous asked:
Ofcourse I'd smoke w you regardless

Roll one up then as soon as eye touch down on the west coast

essenceofbeauty101 asked:
Yo, how do you meditate? like is there a certain way to do this? Does it take practice? And does it have to be completely quiet?

It depends on what you’re meditating for. There are countless numbers of different type of meditations that all focus on cultivating different aspects of ones self. These numerous meditation acts also stem from many different cultures, religions and/or spiritual practices.

But no, it doesn’t have to be silent. In Kundalini Meditation, the meditator/guru usually chant Mantras during the process.

Meditation just requires relaxation, focus & breathing.

Relax every muscle, including the mind. Silent every thought & focus only on breathing.

There are multiple breathing methods as well, but inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth seem to be most effective. Also, breathing in & out through the nose while alternating nostrils with each breath help one master the act of breathing.

I’ve learned that many today suffer from stress, depression and anxiety from over stimulating the brain which can cause stress on the nerves thus increasing the chance of an aneurism.

Just Relax & Breathe.

Anonymous asked:
what are u motivated by? do you ever lose motivation, and if soo how do u get it back?

The world motivates me tbh.

Seeing the world change constantly and seeing the masses regress and/or remain stagnant in life & in society is discouraging but I’m driven by difficult tasks. Eye love a challenge & that’s why the goal to change/save the world is my main focus. Brainstorming on multiple tactics to do so stimulates and challenges me like no other task I’ve ever indulged in.

Eye sometimes get down when eye realize that my effort wasn’t useful or inspiring but then eye remember I’m not doing this for recognition or credit but for the people’s prosperity & then eye remember to just keep going. Change is inevitable, so never give up or lose hope in anything. Stay focused.

Perseverance is Key.

raresighting asked:
who takes your photos?


My iPhone shots are usually taken by @rbatzz

The professional shots are taken by multiple different photographers

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can you post ur story on here, wasnt able to see the full version on twitter not sure why.


And next time, I’ll remember to share it with tumblr as well.

Change I$ Inevitbale

Change I$ Inevitable